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Critical Care Consultancy (CCC) is based in Suriname, South America, and staffed by highly professional and experienced Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Emergency Room (ER) doctors. Our entire medical team has completed their certifications in Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET). We pride ourselves on having a team of actively practicing local medical professionals who demonstrate unwavering dedication in delivering the highest quality of care to patients.


We offer a comprehensive range of services, including, but not limited to, 24/7 rescue mission medical support, 24/7 medevac services, 24/7 corporate ground medical emergency response and ambulance services, medical coordination services, tailor-made medical training programs, event first aid services and consultancy services. Via the established relationship with the local hospitals and clinics we continually work with local and international health and emergency service partners to keep striving for more consistent and efficient medical care – benefiting all our patients.


CCC has obtained compulsory licensing approval through the Suriname Ministry of Health (MoH) to provide offshore Advanced Life Support (ALS) and pre-hospital medical care for offshore Oil and Gas and Local Industry patients and transport to any hospital.



Standardizing and providing medical emergency care and support by local medical professionals, in the national and regional oil- gas- mining- and other local industries.



We aim to provide safe and fast medical emergency response, by highly trained certified local ER and ICU doctors, specialists and nurses, all “hands -on” medical professionals. All of this within current international standards regarding HSEQ, HRM, finance, medical protocols and mandatory additional training required in the oil-, gas-, mining industry and other local industries. Being fully  aware of human capital flight in all sectors in Suriname, we do our utmost best to provide internationally competitive salaries, separate funding for – and training of our young medical professionals.

The Purpose Statement


We are setting the standards of MER (M)edical (E)mergency (R)esponse) in Suriname and will be exemplary, regionally and internationally, as medical care providers.


We are working in a low-income country, providing extra income, training and funding for young medical professionals, to prevent outflow of educated and skilled human resources in Suriname.


As a team we are preparing for the future, respecting morals and values in our profession and oil-, gas-, mining industry and other local industries.

The Vision Statements


Our medical services will stand out in the Guyana’s and the Caribbean.


We will be providing medical staff for medevac, on the rigs and on shore in the oil-, gas-, mining industry and local industries, without compromising medical and moral values.


Our medical staff trains daily and follows courses routinely to provide excellent medical services with safety measures as the highest priority for clients and medical staff.

CCC Value Statements


  • Health care professionalism
  • Collaboration with healthcare institutions and professionals
  • Stimulating, supporting and training local young medical professionals
  • Setting standards based on certified education
  • Social, economic, community involvement
  • Evolutionary
  • Local supplier chain


Onshore Emergency Medical Services

  • Access to our 24/7 central emergency line for direct contact with our Medical Quick Response Team for onshore calamities (medical emergency at home / hotel / company)
  • Major incidents medical management and support (MIMS) in collaboration with the local hospitals and authorities

Offshore Medevac Services

  • Medical rescue mission support at Medical Emergency Response (MER) Level 5 (specialist doctor working in a secondary or tertiary care facility)
    • Emergency care and stabilization of the patient at the response site
    • Experienced (ER and IC) doctors on board of the helicopters to provide air ambulance medical services as part of pre-hospital patient care
  •  Repatriation of patients and/ or transport to healthcare facilities abroad
  • A certified team equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and tools

Corporate Ambulance Services

  • The ambulance is staffed by certified ambulance drivers and ER/IC nurses under remote supervision of an ER/IC doctor
  • For patients coming in by a medevac flight an ALS ambulance will be home-based at the Gumair Heliport Paramaribo for immediate transport after arrival
  • A 10-minute response time will be maintained for patients coming in from the city

Medical Coordination Services

  • Coordination of pre-hospital and post-hospital care procedures, air and ground ambulance transport
  • Communication with the intensive care departments, emergency room staff and specialist of local hospitals enabling seamless transfers when required

Corporate Mobile Intensive Care Services

  • Intensive care during medical transport by our mobile intensive care unit staffed by experienced and certified intensive care doctors and nurses
  • Quickest response time and smooth transition from the response site to a local health care facility
  • Our MICU will be stationed next to our Medical Emergency Response Unit located in the heart Livorno to serve the industries in the surrounding areas.

Corporate Health Services

  • Physical Consultations at GP clinics provided by our certified GP partners Highway Health Care and GP Practice M. Rodriguez, MD
  • Normal GP consultations at home/location (may be subject to additional charges)
  • Aftercare by our 24/7 CCC medical response team
  • Laboratory, Drug and alcohol testing
  • Medical examinations: Fit to work / fit to flight

Training and Drills

  • Fully customizable Emergency Response training
  • Tailor-made training programs based on the company’s risk-assessment and unique needs
  • Team drills and exercises to test the medical emergency preparedness and response

Event Medical Emergency Services

  • On-site first aid stations equipped with the necessary medical equipment and first aid supplies
  • On-site medics and nurses at corporate events, festivals, concerts, sporting events, fairs, etc.

Quarantine and Isolation Support

  • Intake and exit screenings
  • Medical monitoring of patients on location
  • Medical ground coordination and transport if hospitalization necessary

Consulting Services

  • Recommendations for emergency medical equipment and medical supplies planning
  • Selection, implementation and use of emergency medical equipment
  • Available as a neutral third-party observer for any disaster planning exercises
  • Provide medical advice and feedback during development of medical programs / services and support in the development of new projects

Our Team


Highway Healthcare Center

An organization specialized in providing general practice and occupational health care. With more than 10 years of experience, the quality of care and health of the client are prioritized with paramount importance. The center is located at the Martin Luther Kingweg 213a, Wanica, Suriname and has recently expanded its facilities with increased treatment and waiting areas.

Biomedical Systems

For more then 22 years BioMedical Systems NV has offered medical devices and aftersales service in the Surinamese health sector. We provide Patient Monitoring, Anesthesia machines, Ventilators, Defibrillators, X-ray machines, including Ris and PACs solutions. Also participating in Caribbean projects with partners in st Lucia, Guyana and St Vincent.


New Services

Critical Care Consultancy is continuously striving to become a single point of access for the ill or injured in need of on-site general, urgent and emergency medical care. In order to be able to offer our clients the quickest response time and smooth transition from the response site to a local health care facility we are now providing emergency medical transportation services, operating under the strict national protocols (under construction) for emergency patient transport.

Corporate Ambulance Transport

Via corporate memberships we now offer ambulance transport services. The ambulance is staffed by certified ambulance drivers and ER/IC nurses under remote supervision of an ER/IC doctor​. For patients coming in by a medevac flight this will mean the quickest response time and smoothest transition to a local tertiary health care facility, as the ambulance will home-based at the Gummels Heliport. In this way our clients will no longer be dependent on the availability of the local hospital ambulance services.

Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU)

Via corporate memberships we also offer transportation by our Mobile Intensive Care Unit. The MICU is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and is staffed by experienced and certified intensive care doctors and nurses to provide intensive care while transporting the patient to a local health care facility.

By adding 24/7 ambulance/mobile intensive care services to our portfolio we can keep the logistics lines short to ensure proper care, in the right place, at the appropriate time. Please complete the contact form below for more information about our Ambulance/mobile intensive care services.

Future Services

A free standing Medical Emergency Response Clinic

  • To serve the Oil, Gas, Mining and local industries​
  • To improve the accessibility to close by professional medical care for the surrounding Surinamese community​
  • Will be adaptable to include primary care and other corporate healthcare services such as fit-to-work testing, drug- and alcohol screening, and basic point-of-care lab services. ​
  • Major medical incidents management​
  • Even shorter response times and shorter logistics lines ​
  • Training facilities for corporate medical and emergency response training​

Air Ambulance Services

  • Fixed-wing aircrafts are often used to move patients over long distances and for repatriation from foreign countries.


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